MoBY Hosting

Artists: Ma’an Association, Etgar Magazine, Video 48, Alfred Gallery, The Tel-Aviv Group, ARTPOKER, Societe Realiste, Group Efes (zero), Alina & Jeff Bliumiss, Dotan and Perry, Escape Program, Jazzstylecorner, Public Movement, This is limbo, Incas of Emergency, DAKA Group
Curators: Milana Gitzin-Adiram and Leah Abir

Hospitality is both a privilege and an ethical duty, a moral decree and a structured political action which takes place in a defined time and place, between two specific players. However prior to all other aspects, hospitality is a liminal action – the threshold is the condition and site of occurrence for its appearance, and for its rapid dissolution. The condition of liminality presumes openness and transition, while always and inherently, a valid border-line which can not be made to disappear exists within it. These are the same conditions for the formation and existence of hospitality – and action with well defined time and space, but which is so brief and transitory, that it exists mainly through the gesture, speech and action.

Throughout the three months of the exhibition, MoBY hosted an assortment of groups and co-operations from both Israel and around the world. Collective action is dynamic and social in nature. It is aimed more towards process and action than towards the production of a finite artistic object, and its sphere of activity is mostly ex-territorial in relation to the establishment (alternative venues, the street, the World Wide Web). All of these establish it as an action foreign to the museum establishment. With its entering into the museum, group action it questions, doubts and undermines the museum’s modus operandi and the traditional standards of assessment which dwell among its walls.

The groups which were invited to show in this exhibition manifest a variety of modes of unionizing which relate to different social forms of collectivity – from permanent associations created around a common ideology, through temporary gatherings and fictitious unions of all kinds.

Past Exhibitions:

Сказка быль
01.06.2021 - 06.08.2020

Сказка быль

15.02.2020 - 20.09.2019

Adam’s Rock

07.09.2019 - 11.04.2019

The Believers

23.03.2019 - 20.12.2018

New Age

17.11.2018 - 21.06.2018


28.04.2018 - 27.12.2017

We Hereby Declare

11.11.2015 - 09.07.2015

Mini Golf Bat Yam

05.07.2014 - 03.04.2014

Ruti Sela: New Exhibition

04.03.2014 - 07.11.2013


03.11.2012 - 11.10.2012


29.02.2012 - 07.09.2011

Schooling: Wall, Education, Class

06.11.2010 - 23.09.2010

Video Trilogy: Signals

26.06.2010 - 06.03.2010

Anticipation Time

18.04.2009 - 15.01.2009

Laptopia #5: Sound Exhibition

13.02.2010 - 12.11.2009


26.08.2009 - 25.05.2009


17.07.2008 - 17.04.2008

MoBY Hosting

01.09.2007 - 25.08.2007

Video Marina