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קישור לכתבה

Artists: Ma’an Association, Etgar Magazine, Video 48, Alfred Gallery, The Tel-Aviv Group, ARTPOKER, Societe Realiste, Group Efes (zero), Alina & Jeff Bliumiss, Dotan and Perry, Escape Program, Jazzstylecorner, Public Movement, This is limbo, Incas of Emergency, DAKA Group
Curators: Milana Gitzin-Adiram and Leah Abir

Hospitality is both a privilege and an ethical duty, a moral decree and a structured political action which takes place in a defined time and place, between two specific players. However prior to all other aspects, hospitality is a liminal action – the threshold is the condition and site of occurrence for its appearance, and for its rapid dissolution. The condition of liminality presumes openness and transition, while always and inherently, a valid border-line which can not be made to disappear exists in it. These are the same conditions for the formation and existing of hospitality – and action with well defined time and space, but which is so brief and transitory, that it exists mainly through the gesture, speech and action.

April 2008
Design: Guy Goldstein
148 Pages

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