A to Z: Terms in Visual Communication

Curators: Kobi Franco and Rachel Dahan

With A to Z: Terms in Visual Communication, MoBY—Museums of Bat Yam are pleased to continue a tradition of collaborating with higher education institutions in the fields of art and design.

The exhibition, organized as a glossary of terms, features a variety of works in different media, all following the Hebrew alphabet of graphic design and created by students from across all years of the Department of Visual Communication at Shenkar.

Nowadays, when everything around us is designed—from product labels, through road signs, to our mobile device screens—graphic design seems to be completely embedded in our reality. As it assimilates into all aspects of life, we become almost unaware of it.

The exhibition presents a comprehensive view of the “visual communication” field by breaking it down into key practical terms. These have been brought together and curated in alphabetical order, enabling visitors to wander through a three-dimensional glossary space.

Each term will be accompanied by a technical dictionary definition alongside a complementary or interpretive “illustration” of it. This way, the exhibition conveys the creative process of graphic design, thereby making the field accessible to the museum audience and introducing them to a visual communication way of thinking and problem solving. The spatial arrangement of works will follow an alphabetical order, and the experience will be of wandering in a three-dimensional glossary space.

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