Immigration at
a Young Age

Artists: Gaston Zvi Ickowicz, Moti Brecher, Pavel Wolberg, Masha Yozefpolsky, Miriam Cabessa, Peter Jacob Maltz, Doron Solomons, David Behar-Perahia, Olaf Kuhneman, Sally Krysztal-Kramberg, Elham Rokni, and Alicia Shahaf
Curators: Milana Gitzin Adiram and Leah Abir

Displacements is concerned with childhood experiences of immigration. The artists participating in this exhibition all immigrated to Israel at a young age, or experienced the decisive influence of immigration early on in their lives.

Childhood experiences of immigration open up onto an entire sphere of tensions and conflicts that are unique to the situation in which an individual is relocated from one house to another, from one culture to another, without being given any choice. As these elements become clearer, so does their significant influence on contemporary culture and society.

The crisis of immigration produces numerous tensions – another language, feelings of estrangement and belonging, assimilation and difference, wandering and a sense of place, place and home. All these cast into doubt concepts of identity and culture, while simultaneously also producing the insistent urge to search for them and define them. This unrelenting quest is the code, or motor, of the works included in this exhibition.

Most of the artworks were especially made for this exhibition. Like the exhibition itself, these works evolved out of individual, personal and biographical experiences. It is from this subjective perspective that they attempt to reach out, to expand and to touch upon the open expanses of more general, social and artistic concerns.

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