ReCoCo: Life Under Representational Regimes

קישור לכתבה

Artists: Boaz Arad and Miki Kratsman, Ariella Azoulay, Oliver Ressler, Lisa Biedlingmaier, Diego Castro, Köken Ergun, Francesco Finizio, Thomas Galler, Orr Herz and Ira Shalit, Hito Steyerl, Roee Rosen, Anna Witt, Hannes Zebedin, and the collection of Rudi Maier “Advertising and Revolt”

Curators: Joshua Simon and Siri Peyer

The premise for ReCoCo: Life Under Representational Regimes is based on the widespread understanding of politics through three key terms: resignation, conspiracy, and corruption (ReCoCo). In what-is-called democracy we take part as spectators in narrating pseudo-events as political events. Our role is to validate the events as they unfold. ReCoCo is a term through which we can look at the construction and organization of different political concepts of representational regimes: transparency and media, spectatorship and sovereignty, citizenry and Nielsenism.

May 2013
Design: Avi Bohbot, Naama Tobias
108 Pages

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