קישור לכתבה

Artists: Nelly Agassi, Eitan Buganim, Jan Tichy, Barak Ravitz and Hillel Roman

Curators: Leah Abir and Orit Bulgaru

Idiolect unites five solo exhibitions of five different artists, each presenting new works in different media. The idiolect format came together as a site-specific curatorial tribute to the unique conditions for the presentation of solo shows created by the museum’s circular and open space. The viewing process enabled by the space is at once divided and united, numerous and singular, while bringing to the surface the tension between the two. In light of these principles, Idiolect offers an encounter with the unique and complex language of each artist and at the same time explores the associations that arise between the different bodies of work.

November 2009
Design: Guy Goldstein
104 Pages

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