קישור לכתבה

Artists: 22quadrat (Denis Vidinski and Patrick Voigt), Angela Klein, Anna Okrasko, Bill Vorn,David Sherry, Ger Ger, Hadas Hasid, Hadas Ophrat, Karolina Freino, Michal Naaman, Nadav Assor and Daniel Davidovsky, Noam Toran and Onkar Kular, PEMA (David Behar Perahia, Caterina Margherita),Dorota Buczkowska, Rakefet Viner Omer, sh.Pixel (Dani Bacon, Ben Benhorin and Hovav Oppenheim), Shay Id Alony, Shelly Federman and Kerem Halbrecht, Szpilman Group (Patrick Koch and Tina Kohlmann) and Szpilman Award Winners (Catrin Bolt, Martin Flemming), Wojciech Gilewicz, Yom Gagatzi (Ohad Fishof, Uri Katzenstein, Binya Reches), Yonatan Shilo and Dana Yoeli

Curators: Milana Gitzin Adiram and Leah Abir

FACTORY offers a contemporary stance on the relations between artistic and industrial production, while critically examining the relations between public and private space, and the meanings and possibilities of artistic action within these realms. FACTORY brings to surface the critical tension that resides in production processes of different art practices (video, sound, installation, performance etc.) between the live event, concrete artifacts and their display and consumption. The exhibition’s theme was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous studio, which during the 60s carried diverse functions – a gathering place for the New York bohemia, a site in which both superstars and marginal characters dwelled, a place that shaped the public and artistic persona of Warhol and his companions while functioning as an artist’s studio in the full sense of the word, generating artistic production in various mediums.

May 2009
Design: Guy Goldstein
120 Pages

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