“City Factory”

“City Factory” a by the artist Itamar Shimshony is a project designed to repurpose unwanted toys and other artifacts and award them with a new monetary value by transforming them to contemporary works of art.


The exhibition will be held at the urban studio of “Rybak House” in Bat Yam, the home of the Educational Department of MoBY: Museums

of Bat Yam. In the months preceding the performance, toys and artifacts were collected, sorted, classified and cataloged at the factory. This pooled action is carried out by and with the assistance of the Ramat Yosef neighborhood residents where the Museum is located.

The collected items serve as the factory raw materials, which in turn will be transformed into sculptures and new works of art.

The factory’s staff comprises an industrial designer, a carpenter, a seamstress, and a group of students and retired citizens who will be performing welding and painting tasks.

This communal factory will operate for eight daily hours over a ten days duration span and will be open for visitors on a guided tour basis.

“Ready Made” workshops will be held for the benefit of the city’s residents, as well as various art activities for families, local schools and for visiting audiences.

Alongside the factory’s activities, these new works of art will be offered for sale at affordable prices.

Itamar Shimshony is a multidisciplinary artist working in varied techniques in mediums such as painting, video art and performance art, with an emphasis on sculpting.

Shimshony composes diversified original art works as well altering made objects by means of artistic disruption. These methods serve as a safe harbour to which he anchors his creation process time after time. Shimshony’s work attempts to remove the art from the pedestal on which it rests, and make the viewer examine the various ways in which art can integrate in everyday life in perfect harmony.

Many thanks to Ealan and Malinda Wingate