Open Call – The Sholem Asch House Residency Program

Open Call

The Sholem Asch House Residency Program

The Sholem Asch House was originally built for the Yiddish writer Sholem Asch and his wife, Mathilde in 1955 and is now a part of MoBY:Museums of Bat Yam. The house was built by the Bat Yam municipality, and then donated by Mathilde Asch to the city after Asch’s death. The house operates as a museum, a cultural center and an archive housing Asch’s unique art and Judaica collections as well as his study and residence.

The house will open its door for the second year of its residency program, calling poets, writers, researchers, artists and groups whose main interest is the written and spoken word. Priority will be given to those interested in the writings of Sholem Asch, in relations between text and art, in ancient and extinct languages and in the Bat Yam local urban and mediterranean setting. Residents will be given access to the house, to Asch’s study and library as well as to the archive.

Residency periods may extend between one and three months

(longer residencies may be considered depending on each project).

As part of the residency period, participants will be invited to host talks and meetings relating to their work, and to leave documentation of their time spent at the house in formats of their choice such as podcasts, blog entries, a written text, a manifest and so forth.

In your submission please specify the following:

Discipline and field of interest

Intent and general plan for the residency (development of a new or an existing project, area of research, writing topics etc.)

Suggestions for talks and meeting with the public

CV Summary (for groups: cv summaries for the participants)

List of publications, exhibitions or performances

Please state your preferred time of year for the residency (between January 3rd 2021 and December 31st 2021)

Submissions will be accepted until Tuesday, December 15th 2020

To: sahouse@moby.org.il

For further questions please contact the above e-mail address

or call: 052-3089368, Leoni