Project duration: October-December 2015
Instructors: Hagar Shapira and Michal Raz

A collaboration between MoBY’s Education and Community Program and the Yad Rachel non-profit organization, which operates a nationwide network of daycare centers and child-parent centers through which it provides a holistic therapeutic solution to different populations.

The Yad Rachel Children participated in a program at MoBY that consisted of seven biweekly sessions organized in two groups: the ‘younger group’, which included first to third graders, and the ‘older group’, which included fourth to sixth graders. The program’s theme was ‘Characters & Creatures’, and these were interpreted through various media, such as painting, collage, and clay sculpture. For the culminating project, the children created wondrous creatures made of recycled materials, papier-mâché, and acrylic paint.

The works were presented at a one-night pop-up exhibition, under the title Where the Wondrous Things Are. Attending the event were the children, their families, and the Yad Rachel team members who took part in the project.