Project duration: 2011-2015
Instructors: Yaara Oren, Michal Raz, Tali Keren, Oren Ben Moreh

The Weizmann Initiative is an art education project that took place at MoBY for five years. The group included 7th, 8th, and 9th graders who attended weekly classes at the museum. During the course of the project, the participants acquired tools of artistic production with which they learned to look inwards – into their inner world, and outwards – at their surroundings. With these tools the participants were encouraged to inquire, envisage, and create new worlds. Classes included experimentation with a wide range of artistic mediums and an introduction to the history of art; from classic masterpieces, through contemporary art practices, to video and street art.

A significant part of the learning process was the lively discussions that were sparked in class, and which contributed to the participants’ artistic observation and interpretation abilities. During the workshops, the museum class was turned into a lab in which art was employed as a tool for investigating the limits of self-expression and human imagination. Special emphasis was placed on material aspects of production; participants experimented with various materials, which enabled intuitive acts and led to new discoveries.

The Weizmann Initiative focuses on a group of teenagers and accompanies them from primary school, through middle school, to high school. The unique duration allows the Department of Community and Education team to develop a meaningful relationship with the participants. The workshops included individual projects alongside collaborative work which advances the participants’ social skills.

The program was made possible due to the generous support of the JDC-Israel Ashalim.

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