Project duration: January-June 2012
Instructorss: Nihad Dibt and Yuval Kaspi
Text from MoBY’s education and community magazine:

“Collaboration between MoBY and the Arab-Jewish Community Center. The center, located in heart of Ajami, Jaffa, has been chosen to serve as a basis for the project’s activity. Two tutors led the project: one is Jewish, the other is Arab. Together with a group of talented, curious teenagers we began working together, meeting once a week. At first, we had many doubts, the language and culture being so different. However, soon enough we found common grounds: we all love to paint and we all use Facebook. From this moment on everything was going smoothly.

We started with watching presentations and movies on graffiti making, and then learned how to make stencils and spray on paper. We opened a secret group on Facebook titled Jaffa Graffiti 2012, and uploaded films and pictures. Something started to form between us. We visited the exhibition Inside Job at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and met Adi Sened, the creator of the “Kufsonim”. Adi joined us, he talked about his work and sprayed the “the day of good deeds”, at the Achva school in Jaffa.

The project began to grow and we started spraying in different parts of the city; every time at a different location, according to the permits we received. The work in the public sphere was mostly pre-approved, but once in a while we allowed ourselves to act like real street artists, and spray at abandoned places that suited our needs. As time passed by our hands felt more secure and our heads opened up to new ideas. We met with other street artists such as Paco, and even watched a film by Banksy, documenting the work of the most important street artists in the world.

We would like to emphasize that we had fun, and every week we’ve arrived to our meetings with joy and expectations. We believe that what has formed between us throughout the project is something rare and special, which gives us hope that things can be different. Our mutual experience raises questions of identity: the relations between community members, relations between teenagers and their environment; their ability to affect and change the public sphere.

We feel that the project succeeded beyond our expectations. We managed to create a true dialogue, a meaningful and exciting collaboration between teenagers from both sectors of sociaty. This collaboration was based on making art in general and street art in particular. We did not engage in our differences or in the Israel-Palestinian conflict. We just came to have fun and paint together, and that’s all we did.”

The program was made possible due to the generous support of The British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel (BFAMI) and The Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa.

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