Project duration: May 2011
Instructor: Tal Shochat
Excerpt from the Department of Community and Education magazine marking the Young Woman Festival:

“We met several months ago for a twelve session workshop. Excited and enthusiastic, we also shared reservations about the road ahead. We chose to create a circle of sharing and creating, and agreed to embark on a journey together without knowing where it would lead us or what we might find at the end of it. We started off as a big group but grew smaller – after all, it’s not easy looking inside, confiding in others, and keeping other people’s secrets.

Our close companion was the camera – a third, mechanical, cyclopean eye, ready to capture the first steps of our journey. We asked a lot of questions along the way, about our directions and purpose, about the way in which we see the world and how we see ourselves in it. We were delighted to discover local and international female artists dealing with similar issues. We contemplated our place in the group – our wish to remain unique on the one hand, and our deep need to belong on the other.

Our final step as a group was the magazine, which brings together ten picture stories by at eight different artists who deal with the different types of relationships in their lives. Among the stories: Osher Istanbuli tells of her relationship with her good friend Israela, whose social activism inspires awe, admiration, and pride. Sapir Nisimov shows her brother how to make pancakes and shares with us the secrets of her recipe so we could all enjoy pancakes together. Eden Golan takes us out on a 20 minute recess in her school and invites us to stroll through the “hot spots” of social activity… the basketball court, the canteen, and – god help us – the smoking area. Eden Levy reveals her experiences as a soccer fan, and in doing so she presents to us the group identity of the fandom and her dream of founding a girl soccer team in her school”.

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