Project duration: 2015-2016
Instructor: Michal Raz

The Department of Community and Education and Enosh – the Israeli Mental Health Association, began the collaboration with the aim of creating a space that will allow the participants room for creativity, while imparting them with tools and techniques for self-expression.

The first sessions took place at the Enosh house, and once a permanent group of participants was formed the activity moved to the museum space. The participants attended a weekly 90-minute session of creative engagement. Alongside material production, through a number of short lectures the participants were introduced to art-historical movements, trends in contemporary art, and a variety of artistic mediums and techniques. The main focus of the artistic inquiry was self-portraiture. Viewing and discussing self-portraits by different artists and in a variety of mediums, the participants discovered a myriad of ways to approach the endeavor and created fascinating works with a profound value for their creators. The project enabled the participants to venture into new and surprising territories within themselves, to sustain a productive and enriching dialog, and eventually, leave home with results they can be proud of.

Enosh is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 by a group of families who made it their mission to advance the rights and welfare of the psychiatrically disabled. During its almost 40 years of activity, the organization has led significant legislative reforms and significantly improved the special services available for the psychiatrically disabled population.

The program was made possible due to the generous support of Enosh – the Israeli Mental Health Association.