Project duration: 2016-2017
Instructors: Nufar Kaplan, Shulamit Bialy, Tali Keren, Haley Coopersmith

A joint project between MoBY and MMCC (Mosholu Montefiore Community Center) Bronx NY. The goal of the project is to perfect the instinctive tools teenagers are already using today. The method: a series of sessions in which teenagers are taught how to use more expressive tools in order to help them become more precise in their own creations. During the courses, lessons and workshops, they will develop a deeper understanding of the principles of photographic composition and other factors involved in creating better photographs; learn the cinematic aspects of filming with a smartphone and how to use filming techniques from the cinema to convey ideas; express themselves through writing; build a photographic set, among other skills. Learning these various techniques emphasizes our ability to communicate our identity and be responsible for creating images.The students will share the materials creating a dialogue between Bat Yam and Bronx youths.