Project duration: November 2015 – January 2016

Instructor: Hagar Shapira

Project “Home” by MoBY’s Department of Community & Education, in collaboration with Beit Naphtali (operated by the Bat Yam Municipality and SHEKEL Community Services for People with Special Needs), began with a successful tour of the museum — a  tour which gave rise to the desire to work more closely with a group of Beit Naphtali residents at the museum’s workshop.

Accompanied by social worker Adva Eshel, the residents arrived at the museum for a series of sessions in which an emphasis was placed on using recycled materials. As the work process was evolving – each session built on the previous one, so that over time the emphasis shifted to the process itself. Accordingly, the fragile clay figurines made on the first session, became residents in cardboard houses made especially for their proportions. These houses slowly grew into a whole neighborhood, and were eventually featured in a short stop-motion animation film titled “The Rainbow Neighborhood”. In order to demonstrate to the residents the importance of their entire process as a sequence, tracing the work process itself became part of the creative work in the workshop.

In collaboration with the Beit Naphtali staff, the museum held a culminating exhibition to which all of the Beit Naphtali residents were invited along with their families. The exhibition displayed the works made at the museum, alongside photographic works created with instructor Baruch Haver.