Project duration: 2012-2016
Instructors: Yaara Oren, Oren Ben Moreh, Hagar Shapira

The Ambassadors focuses on two communities: the first is children and adolescents, and the second is senior citizens. The project aims to bring the local community closer to the museum by qualifying pupils and pensioners who will serve as the city’s museum ambassadors.

As part of their regular curriculum, pupils attend biweekly classes at the museum. A selected few from each class undergo a training process, during which they acquire the knowledge and skills that will help them make the museum exhibitions more accessible to their classmates, their family, and friends.

The Shazar School Ambassadors was divided into two parts: The first part included six sessions in which the pupils experimented with artistic production. The sessions were in the context of an exhibition that was on display at the time – ARKPARKCRAFTRAFTCLINICCLUBPUB by Francesco Finizio. Using Finizio’s installations, the pupils turned the museum space into a shooting set; the second part included three sessions and focused on building a plan that will help the selected pupils act as museum ambassadors through workshops, tours, and activities.

The Ort Ramat Yosef Ambassadors was led by Odelya Levy, a special education teacher. Children with special needs attended a weekly class at the museum. Currently, Project Ambassadors is in the midst of its third year. At the end of each year the pupils’ achievements are displayed in a joint exhibition alongside other projects by the Department of Community and Education.

Over the years a close collaboration was forged between MoBY and the Bat Yam Department of Social Services. Senior Ambassadors was led by a group of female volunteers from the Department of Social Services. The aim of the project was to empower women who contribute their time to the community and see art as a meaningful layer of the cultural texture of the city. In the course of twelve sessions these women became acquainted with contemporary art through a series of lectures and tours of the museum. They even participated in painting classes which included various painting practices such as drawing from observation and abstract painting. The project culminated with an exhibition at the Rybak House.

The program was made possible due to the generous support of The British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel (BFAMI) and The Common Sense Fund.