Education and Community

The Education & Community Department is an integral part of MoBY’s attempts to actively examine and challenge the limits of contemporary art. The Department’s team seeks to present new pathways and approaches to art education, positioning MoBY as a part the city’s cultural landscape.

Contemporary art often demands that viewers have an extensive knowledge of the subject, attention, and patience. MoBY’s Education & Community Department has been working diligently to bring art closer to local residents and make it more accessible to a wide range of audiences: from toddlers through high school and university students to seniors. Building an infrastructure of workshops and museum tours, the Department’s counselors inculcate the tools suited for each audience to cope with the challenges of contemporary art.

MoBY’s aim to become a significant and influential part of the environment in which it operates resulted in a series of projects advancing the needs of the various audiences: a magazine, exhibitions, weekly performance workshop, and more. The Department’s counselors initiate and lead thorough research processes formed through close collaboration with teachers, social workers, students, parents and socially-engaged artists.

With its educational and community programs, MoBY aims to facilitate a space designated for reflection, critical thinking and creative work. Being separated from the urban hustle and bustle, yet aware of MoBY’s location in the heart of the city, creates a reciprocal and inviting relationship with Bat Yam’s residents and a general audience of art lovers.

Activities and Events: